Risan Bagja

Journal of a passionate coder

About Me

Hi, my name is Risan!

Hi, my name is Risan Bagja. I code for fun, seriously.

I’m passionate about coding. I enjoy spending time writing clean and maintainable code. I love building stuff. I got the thrills when seeing all of the pieces started to come together and finally working.

I started to code when I was just 14 years old. At that time I was in Junior High School and borrowed a book about Borland Delphi from my relative. I followed and practiced most of the tutorials on that book. I even still remember one of the very first programs I made: a simple rich text editor. Since then, programming became part of my hobbies.

I started to learn about web development in high school. At that time I borrowed a book about HTML and PHP from my friend. Later on, we participated in some website building contest. Luckily enough, we managed to take the first place! It was a custom CMS built using PHP.

I’ve tried various programming languages. From Swift, Python, Ruby, Java, Haskell, Go, Objective-C, Action Script, C, Pascal, Basic, even an assembly language for an 8085 microprocessor. I love learning new programming languages.

I have extensive experience with PHP and JavaScript. For the backend framework, I often choose Laravel for PHP and Express for Node. As for the client side, I’m a huge fan of Vue and React. I’m also comfortable working with the Linux server too. However, I’m not really good at design. Luckily we now have beautiful CSS frameworks like Bootstrap or Bulma.

This blog serves as a journal to document things I learn as an avid programmer. It’s powered by Jekyll and it’s hosted for free on Netlify. You can check out the entire source code on Github.

Thank you for passing by! Check out my profiles on other websites too:

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